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Always with coffee.

Always with coffee.

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I was speaking with a friend about the impact of firsts. About how we always remember them and how they stay with us. What they mean to us in the moment and over time.
The influence of a good first, or the impact of a negative one, can be an incredibly powerful thing.
Do you remember your first pet (miss you Pepper)? Or the first album you ever heard from your favourite band?
I want to be there for the newly wed couples first kiss, for the business owners first day of open doors, and for that first time a band plays their new song to a crowd of fans. Maybe even for that first "Hey I'm not totally upset with how my wrinkles look in this!" photo (they're perfect, by the way).
I can't imagine anything better than being a part of those moments. Being able to represent all those involved to the rest of the world through a photograph.

Luke Tokaryk

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